Deidre is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith and SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Devolved Government Relations, Northern Ireland and Fair Work and Employment.




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16 January 2018
This article first appeared in Edinburgh Evening News Monday 15 January 2018 In the days of the French revolution a tricoteuse was a woman who sat and knitted while attending public executions. The advance of gender equality means we now have a male version of the tricoteuse in the shape of the Scottish Secretary David Mundell MP.The unfortuna...
12 January 2018
Appointment of Esther McVey as Work & Pensions Secretary 'a disgrace' The Prime Minister's chaotic reshuffle did nothing for her credibility but certainly reinforced the 'nasty party' image of the Tories. Appointing Esther McVey as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions was a particularly dreadful move. McVey ha...
03 January 2018
Questions have been raised over whether Scottish Tory ministers are "partying on the public purse" after new figures revealed that Scotland Office hospitality spending has skyrocketed.Responding to a parliamentary question from SNP MP Deidre Brock, Scottish Secretary David Mundell was forced to admit that Scotland Office spending on hospitality has...
19 December 2017
Deidre Brock MP has called for all donors to parties in Northern Ireland during the EU referendum to be open to public scrutiny.Deidre is the SNP's spokesperson on Northern Ireland and also sits on the committee tasked with scrutinising the secondary legislation being introduced today. Deidre said:-"Transparency over donations to political parties ...
15 December 2017
The Brexit Bourach continues! The Tory Brexiteers were huffing and puffing and looking pretty glum as they suffered a bit of a blow this week! They didn't want parliament to have a legal right to scrutinise and vote on the final Brexit deal, but they lost the vote on 'Amendment 7' - which was backed by the SNP - by 309 to 305...

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