Deidre Brock is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith.

At Westminster Deidre sits on the Public Accounts Committee and is the SNP Westminster Group’s lead on Scottish Parliament/Scottish Government Liaison and on Northern Ireland.

Westminster Posts

25 July 2016
SNP CALLS FOR TORIES TO PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH Spending on spin doctors at the Scotland Office has quadrupled since 2010 when the Tories took over, up from £108,439 in 2010 to £426,223 last year according to figures released by the UK Government today. SNP MP Deidre Brock, whose Parliamentary Question revealed the figures, said: "While George O...
30 June 2016
Deidre Brock MP met with women from across the UK including Edinburgh who attended a mass rally outside Westminster for the WASPI (women against state pension inequality) campaign.Ms Brock said:-"The UK Government cannot ignore the voices of these amazing women fighting simply to get the pension they are owed. It's inspiring to see such a huge turn...
29 June 2016
 Watch the speech here: http://goo.gl/B1xoch​Transcript (from the Official Report http://goo.gl/9gardq ​)The Somme: the first time this world had seen mechanised warfare and the industrial destruction of human life. "Lions led by donkeys" it was said of the British forces in the Crimean war, but that was never more true than at the Somme. We c...
28 June 2016
Brock calls for international cooperation on tax transparencyGoogle, Starbucks, Amazon and co must all pay their fair share of taxes and be seen to pay according to Deidre Brock MP. The SNP MP, who sits on the influential Public Accounts Committee, called for an end to the secrecy around tax paid by multinational companies before the Brexit negotia...
24 June 2016
Deidre Brock MP has reacted to the EU referendum result, and called for the rights of all existing residents from other EU countries to be protected.Ms Brock said:-"I'm absolutely gutted by this result which has wide-reaching implications for the rights and liberties of all our citizens. I take some comfort from the fact that Edinburgh showed such ...

Maiden speech

Deidre's maiden speech in the chamber, 24th June 2015.


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