Deidre is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith. At Westminster she is the SNP spokesperson for Devolved Government Relations, Northern Ireland and Fair Work and Employment.

Deidre is a member of the Scottish Affairs Committee

Her spoken contributions can be viewed here; written parliamentary questions are here; watch videos of Deidre's archived contributions by searching here.

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Westminster Posts

22 June 2018
if only there was a government with class and confidence in Whitehall rather than a collection of disparate and desperate individuals who act with all the finesse of a tap-dancing wildebeest Deidre Brock MP In the same week that the views of Scotland's people and politicians on the EU Withdrawal Bill were ignored and the devoluti...
06 June 2018
"I stand with my sisters in Northern Ireland, and I absolutely endorse their right to choose, but I do not claim to know their situation better than they do. I endorse their right to help shape the legislation they live under, but it is not for me or for anyone here to tell them how to do that." Deidre Brock MP Watch or read my speech from...
05 June 2018
There was a debate in the House of Commons today about abortion in Northern Ireland. In the middle of some people hoping to secure rights to abortion for women in Northern Ireland and some people playing politics with the issue a lot of truth was lost so I thought it worthwhile writing up a few points.Firstly, today wasn't a debate that could repea...
01 May 2018

Windrush is not some isolated case, and it is not an aberration or a deviation from the norm. It fits right into the institutional racism of this place.

Deidre Brock MP
10 April 2018
The SNP have said peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland must be protected on the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. Marking twenty years since the Agreement, SNP Northern Ireland spokesperson Deidre Brock criticised "inflammatory" comments by Tory Brexit Minister David Davis against the Irish government, and warned that the Agreement cou...

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