Deidre is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith and SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Devolved Government Relations, Northern Ireland and Fair Work and Employment.




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18 September 2017
Brexit!This week the EU Withdrawal Bill stumbled gracelessly through Westminster and the chaos of Brexit; unplanned, ill-considered and disorganised from a government with no idea what it's doing or why – and the Bill itself robs powers away from the Scottish Parliament, the Senned and Stormont. The SNP, of course, opposes this power-grab – it's no...
14 September 2017
My speech in full from the debate on NHS pay (Sept 13 2017) calling for decent pay for all public sector workers - poverty is a political choice, not a necessity. The first order of business should be congratulating the Scottish Government on removing the cap on public sector pay rises. We should note, too, that, as my hon. Friend Dr Whitford said,...
08 September 2017
So Westminster is back and we're busy debating the bill to withdraw the UK from the EU – although given its enormous implications we could do with a lot more time for debate and a lot less flannel. This flawed bill enables legisl...
25 August 2017
The UK Parliament is in the midst of its ridiculously long summer recess (for the non-political geeks, that's the time when parliament doesn't meet). You'd think we had nothing to talk about (what's that Brexit thing again?). I see some Scottish MPs (of the non-SNP variety) were in London for the last chimes of Big Ben – I don't know how they found...
14 July 2017
            July 10 – 14Social MobilityI'm the SNP's Fair Employment spokesperson so I took part in a debate on social mobility policy this week. Tory and Labour governments have both failed people badly here – that's the conclusion of work by the Social Mobility Commission who I think will not...

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