The UK Parliament was dissolved on the 2nd of May because of the General Election so there are no MPs just now.

I am standing for re-election, though, and hope to be back at work for the people of Edinburgh North and Leith after the election on June the 8th.   If you have a question for me as SNP candidate email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


01 April 2017
​A round-up of recent work at Westminster and in the constituency. Sign up here if you'd like to receive my newsletters in your in-box.Read archived March issue online here.
27 March 2017
I spoke at the 40th anniversary of Gurdwara on Sunday (March 26). Speaking in the aftermath of the attack at Westminster it was a time to re-inforce the message of 'kinship of all' and celebrate the Sikh community's four decades of contribution to Edinburgh and Leith. You and I and all of our neighbours, whether they live next door or...
10 March 2017
The marvellous old Custom House building has stood proudly at The Shore welcoming ships to Leith since 1812 but in ...
08 March 2017
Pauline Boty created pop art works in the early 1960s – right at the leading edge of the new art – it was her ideas and her imagination that sparked a movement but the artists that most people remember today are boring old guys like Warhol. Compared to the vibrant sensuality of Boty, the Campbell's soup can is as cream of chicken as it gets. ...
06 March 2017
Leith has no shortage of inspiring women, not least the legend that is Mary Moriarty! Mary opened proceedings at the third Leith International Women's Day event on Saturday, telling us about some of the local women who inspired her.Held at South Leith Parish Church Hall, this was a really positive multicultural event with lots of performa...


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