Audacious Women Festival

Absolutely delighted to be playing a small role in the Audacious Women Festival. On Saturday Feb 25 I'm hosting a talk about how art as well as politics moves things forward for women .... I'll chat about some of the fantastic women that have inspired me from history and bring us up to modern times with help from three inspiring women of the contemporary art world.

"It's not just with politics and placards that audacious women break down conventional boundaries but with pencils, print and paint. In Edinburgh's creative heart, Deidre Brock MP will lead a panel discussion with contemporary working artists about how art can defy prevailing attitudes and prejudices and help reshape society."


Little Shop of Memory, Ocean Terminal, 12-1

Traidcraft Big Brew
PMQs: Brock questions May on human rights


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Monday, 21 January 2019


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