Brock responds to Queen's Speech: time for Tories to change the record

Deidre Brock MP (Edinburgh North and Leith) has called on the Tories to stop their ideologically driven assaults on welfare and public services and start getting their own house in order – including more efforts to tackle tax avoidance.

Speaking in response to the Queen's speech, Ms Brock, who sits on the Public Accounts Committee at Westminster, pointed to the billions of public money being wasted by the UK Government on mismanaged projects, as well as the annual £16 billion lost to the public purse from tax fraud and the £34 billion tax gap.

Ms Brock said:-

"I sit on the Public Accounts Committee; we hear, week in and week out, of the most appalling failures to control government spending – not on social security or welfare benefits but on the pet projects that governments and ministers pursue.

"The electronic system for controlling the UK's borders, started under the Blair government, has cost tens of millions of pounds and still doesn't work. Trident has costs spiralling out of control – this time into the billions – and it hasn't even been agreed on.

"HMRC indicated tax fraud was costing about £16 billion a year and that there was a gap of about £34 billion between the tax that should be collected and what it's actually collecting, and a tax gap of £34 billion a year.

"That's where government efforts should be directed – at putting its own house in order; at collecting the monies due and not squandering billions on in-house incompetence.

"It's not the poorly paid, the disabled or the unemployed causing the problems – it's the government.

"Austerity isn't a necessity; it's a choice, a preference, of this government.

"The UK is being failed by its government and failed badly.

"This Queen's speech is merely the latest example and it's time the record was changed."


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Thursday, 18 July 2019


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