Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith

Brock warns time running out for compromise deal on Brexit

Deidre Brock MP has urged Theresa May to pick up the phone and make a compromise deal with the First Minister on Brexit if they want the UK to remain together.

Deidre, who is SNP spokesperson for devolved government relations, was speaking during a Westminster Hall debate that she called on the impact of triggering Article 50 on the devolution settlement.

Deidre said:-

"The implications for Scotland of triggering Article 50 are enormous, deep-seated and will have a long half-life, whichever way things go. Yet the UK Government has glibly dismissed the need to take Scotland's views into account.

"There was a sweetheart deal for Nissan but no discussion of Scotland's needs, far less any movement to accommodate those needs.

"Membership of the single market is vital for Scotland's exports, essential to the exercise of the economic competencies of the Scottish Parliament and to the future of many Scottish businesses.

"We need an immigration system that gives EU citizens the right to live, work, study and settle here. That is essential to Scotland continuing to grow a population that is economically active and demographically sustainable.

"The Scottish Government entered into the negotiations over Brexit in good faith and it was met with a brick wall of intransigence.

"That is simply not good enough – Scotland's interests need to be defended and Scotland needs a future we can look to with hope.

"There is time for the UK Government to salvage this – pick up the phone, speak to the Scottish Government, make the compromise deal.

"If they want to keep the UK together they'd better move soon, though, because the Scottish Government won't be hanging about. Nicola Sturgeon has laid out the case clearly and eloquently – give Scotland due and proper consideration and negotiate in our best interests or you'll find that you'll be leaving the EU without us."

No way to run a country, Theresa
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Tuesday, 18 June 2019


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