Deidre shows support for people living with incurable secondary breast cancer

Deidre met with the charity Breast Cancer Care in Parliament yesterday, (Tuesday 13 October 2015), to pledge support for people living with incurable secondary breast cancer.

Currently no accurate figures exist around the number of people diagnosed or living with incurable secondary breast cancer. The charity believes better recording of the number could make it easier to plan services and lead to better care.

On 'Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day' Deidre attended the parliamentary event to meet women who are living with the disease, and to show her support for the charity's campaign. She commented:-

 "It is extremely important to be showing my support for secondary breast cancer patients. It is shocking we still don't have accurate data on those living with the incurable disease and this must be made a priority."

​​​About Secondary Breast Cancer

Secondary breast cancer, also known as metastatic, advanced or stage four breast cancer, is where breast cancer cells spread from the breast to other parts of the body, such as the bones, liver, lungs and brain. Secondary breast cancer is incurable, but it can be treated and people can live with the disease for a number of years. There are approximately 36,000 people with secondary breast cancer in the UK.1 Every year, around 11,700 die as a result of secondary breast cancer in the UK (the equivalent of 32 women a day).2

1 from New pathways of care for cancer survivors: adding the numbers, Maher, J. and McConnell, H. British Journal of Cancer, 2011

2 These figures are sourced from CRUK, refer to data from 2012 and only apply to invasive breast cancer (doesn't include DCIS)

About Breast Cancer Care

When you have breast cancer, everything changes. Time becomes measured in appointments. The next scan. The next results. The next challenge.

At Breast Cancer Care, we understand the emotions, challenges and decisions you face every day. So, from the day you notice something's not right to the day you begin to move forward, we'll be here to help you through.

Whether you want to speak to our nurses, download our specialist information or connect with volunteers who have faced what you are facing now, we can help you feel more in control.

For care, support and information from day one, call our nurses free on 0808 800 6000 or visit

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