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Brexit: The EU Withdrawal Bill

Brexit: The EU Withdrawal Bill

I have been getting so many emails about Brexit recently, as well as the various provisions within the EU Withdrawal Bill, that I've compiled a general response to clarify my position, and that of the SNP.

For more details of my views on any particular clause or amendment of the EU Withdrawal Bill, you can follow my voting record here:

The SNP campaigned against leaving the EU during the referendum and worked to try to keep Scotland in the EU after we knew the result. The Scottish Government has offered multiple options in negotiations with the UK Government and all of them have been rejected but the SNP will carry on trying to make the best of what is a very bad situation.

The Scottish Government has published updated analysis of the Brexit options in its policy paper 'Scotland's Place in Europe', which you can read here:

We'll continue to work for the strong majority vote for remain in Scotland to be recognised and respected and share many of the concerns expressed about the EU Withdrawal Bill and the progress of Brexit negotiations: -

  • We think that the Brexit analyses that the UK Government has done should be freely available and everyone should have the right to see what is likely to be the end result of the decision to leave the EU.
  • We think that EU citizens currently living here should have all the rights that they currently have guaranteed, that should happen right away and be a commitment in perpetuity and no citizen should have to register to have those rights or any others given to them
  • We think there should be a vote on the final deal before it's implemented
  • We think the powers that Ministers are taking for themselves in the Brexit Bill are outrageously over the top and should be scaled back
  • We think there is a power-grab at the heart of the Brexit Bill which would weaken devolution
  • We are concerned that environmental protections are being eroded by Brexit
  • We are concerned that animal welfare protections are being eroded by Brexit
  • We are concerned that international cooperation on policing and justice matters are being eroded by Brexit

We have been raising these issues in Parliament and will keep pushing the case now that negotiations are underway.

I have also been asking questions about the impact of Brexit since before the EU referendum. You can see all of my questions (and search for what interests you) here - – the current session (the default on the search engine) refers to the time since the last General Election (June 8th) so if you want to see questions before then you have to change the date range (I was first elected to Parliament in May 2015).

Finally, you can read the full SNP policy on Brexit here –

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