Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith


The constituency of Edinburgh North and Leith is thankfully not currently under threat of fracking but I have concerns about fracking and the potential damage it can cause.

The SNP Scottish Government has put a block on fracking to allow for further research and public consultation. SNP ministers have also been meeting environmental NGOs, community organisations and industry representatives to make sure they get it right. This comes on top of the work that has been done in promoting renewable energy and making Scotland a global leader in addressing climate change.

I support the SNP Scottish Government in its efforts to gather the evidence about fracking and its consultation with Scotland's people and I look forward to making sure that Scotland has all of the powers it needs to address the issue properly, protect our environment and make sure that energy policy here works to the benefit of Scotland's people. The needs of our people and our environment have to be top priority.

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