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Granton Community Orchard Garden & Starbank Park Gala

This weekend was a busy one for Granton's community gardens. Firstly, there was a successful open day at the Granton Community Orchard Garden, featuring a welcome appearance of sunshine, barbie grub, great live music from No Strings Attached, and even live egg-laying chickens (eat your heart out, Glastonbury).

The event formed part of the Power of Food Festival (#POFF16) which opened up 16 different community gardens in Edinburgh. Hats off to the Granton Community Gardeners who have done the hard work here, part of their mission to encourage gardening and grow food all over Granton!

Also taking part in the Power of Food Fest was the lovely Starbank Park which had its 125th anniversary Gala on Saturday. This was once a well used park, but less so in recent years, so it was good to see it filled with so many folk, particularly youngsters.

The gala launched with speeches from my colleague Ben MacPherson MSP, Cllr Allan Jackson and Jean Haigh who was crowned Queen of the Sea in the 5 Queen's Pageant held at Starbank Park back in 1953. (that's Jean in the photos below, both now and in 1953)

Much credit is due to the Friends of Starbank Park Group who have been very busy improving the park, with gardening sessions twice a week. They are kept beautifully by the Friends group, retired gardener Stan & local gardening enthusiast Janet. It's looking gorgeous!

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Thursday, 18 July 2019


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