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Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith

My response to the refugee crisis

My response to the refugee crisis

The scenes of displaced people who have risked their lives to seek refuge in Europe are truly heartbreaking. 

We have a moral obligation to offer refuge to people fleeing conflict and persecution. We can and must do more; the UK Government's slow and limited response is simply not good enough. 

There is a real need to develop a more co-operative approach and work effectively with our European partners in order to find long term solutions to the terrible situations we are witnessing. 

The Scottish Government stands ready to play a full part in the humanitarian response to this tragedy. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon convened a humanitarian crisis summit with councils and humanitarian agencies and I was pleased to see other party leaders in Scotland attend. 

The First Minister has also pledged that Scotland stands ready to offer sanctuary to refugees that need our help. 

A website has been set up with further information for the many people who want to provide assistance,either practical or financial.


At Westminster I will work alongside my SNP colleagues to increase the pressure on the UK Government for a change in approach to this appalling tragedy, and for a more compassionate and progressive system of immigration and asylum.

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Thursday, 25 April 2019


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