Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith

Opportunity lost to end tax secrecy for multinationals

Brock calls for international cooperation on tax transparency

Google, Starbucks, Amazon and co must all pay their fair share of taxes and be seen to pay according to Deidre Brock MP. The SNP MP, who sits on the influential Public Accounts Committee, called for an end to the secrecy around tax paid by multinational companies before the Brexit negotiations begin.

The 'show me the money' amendment to George Osborne's budget defeated by 22 votes today, co-tabled by Ms Brock and colleagues from all parties on the Public Accounts Committee, would have made the tax dealings of multinational companies public in every country they operate in.

Senior politicians from across Europe have supported the move by writing an open letter urging governments to bring in country by country reporting.

Ms Brock said:-

"Today's vote is a real disappointment; the amendment to make sure tax is fair was voted down by Tories who are more interested in making sure the rich stay rich than in making sure they pay their fair share.

"There shouldn't be closed-door deals with the taxman for these huge companies; they shouldn't get better treatment than the average worker. It's time to end the secrecy around multinationals' tax dealings and get a fairer deal for every country they operate in.

"Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnston said it was 'absurd' to blame Google for not ponying up their share of our taxes and the chaos at the heart of the UK Government if he wins would move us even further in the wrong direction. It's not absurd to want fair taxes, it's absurd to let the richest companies off the hook.

"Publishing basic information about their tax affairs would deter multinationals from stashing cash in tax havens or any of the other tricks, schemes and wheezes that they get up to, and it will help get tax justice for developing countries as well as pouring money into our public purse. This movement for fairness is a perfect example of working together not only across party lines but across national boundaries for a common cause.

"With Brexit and a right wing Tory takeover looming, it's even more urgent we take action now to get tax transparency in place. Getting the books opened afterwards will be a much harder task."



1. Deidre Brock is the SNP member on the Public Accounts Committee. She co-tabled the amendment with Caroline Flint MP and other PAC members to require the publishing of information about the tax dealings of multinational companies, including profits made and taxes paid, in each country where they operate. This followed from the committee's enquiry into corporate tax deals:

2. Open letter from European parliamentarians urging governments to back country by country reporting:

3. Boris Johnson's views on the Google Tax deal:

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