Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith

Opposing the Trade Union Bill

Opposing the Trade Union Bill

It was a busy week in Westminster. On Monday, the SNP led the opposition against the UK Government's regressive trade union reform bill. The bill aims to introduce unacceptable changes to workers' rights; it would rig the rules by introducing higher voting thresholds in strike ballots, end the ban on agency workers during strikes, and introduce restrictions on picketing and protesting. 

Nobody wants to see strikes, but my SNP colleagues and I believe that the best way forward is to pursue a relationship between employers and workers based on mutual respect and co-operation, not legislating them out of existence. 

Countries with the strongest workers' rights are also more productive, so these attacks on our civil liberties are bad for the economy as well as individuals. Prior to the debate, the STUC addressed the SNP 56 MPs to discuss our joint efforts to oppose these measures. 

All 56 SNP MPs signed a 'reasoned amendment' to try to block the bill, and we voted against it at second reading. The Bill has now progressed to Committee stage. We will continue to work constructively to block these attacks on our workforce. 

The progress of the Bill can be followed here:

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Friday, 22 March 2019


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