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Save Leith Registrar - sign the petition

Save Leith Registrar - sign the petition

I was surprised to learn that Leith's Registrar's Office is set to close this year. After November people are expected to travel to the City Chambers but it's just not the same - Leithers want to get married and register births and deaths in Leith, a place with its own unique history and sense of community quite distinct from Edinburgh.

The Registrar's Office is also part of the promise made to Leithers in 1920 when they merged with Edinburgh (despite the 6 to 1 vote in favour of remaining independent). Back then they were told that Leith would get to keep things, yet this is another assault on the autonomy of Leith which flies in the face of that agreement.

People should speak out and let the council know that we want our registrar to stay in Leith. Sign the petition to the Chief Executive's Office to show the strength of feeling on this issue:

Victory for Leithers as Leith Registrars Office st...
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Sunday, 22 September 2019


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