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Scotland Office questioning continues

Scotland Office questioning continues

One department that I've been asking a lot of questions of recently is the Scotland Office. It's important to scrutinise what they're up to as every penny that the Scotland Office spends is money that doesn't get spent on services in Scotland.

There's been some questionable rises in spend for a department that has hardly any governing responsibilities.

As my questions reveal, it costs £854,673 for David Mundell to rent and occupy plush offices in listed buildings in London and Edinburgh. That's on top of the £686,166 on spindoctors, the £61,188 on events, and the thousands on social media advertising (with spend notably rising before elections).

On the one occasion that the post of Scottish Secretary might have been useful in recent years – standing up for Scotland in the Brexit negotiations – David Mundell was posted missing

Instead of bringing forward the amendments to the Brexit Bill to protect the rights and responsibilities of the Scottish Parliament as he promised, we saw nothing but excuses as the deadline passed - and a hope that something would be done in the House of Lords to fix it. 

As I wrote in the Evening news, Mundell reminds me of a modern day Tricoteuse, knitting while Scotland is being cudgelled.

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