Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith


New figures have revealed Scottish National Party MPs were the hardest working in the UK Parliament during 2016 with higher levels of participation.

SNP MPs spoke in an average of 64 debates last year, significantly more than Labour and Tory MPs.

Data released by the House of Commons Library has also revealed the number of times the word "Scotland" or "Scottish" has been mentioned in Parliamentary debates has increased from an average of 1, 493 times a year between 2012-2015, to 3 733 times during the first year of the new intake of SNP MPs following the 2015 General Election.

Commenting, Deirdre Brock MP said:

"These figures show clearly that the SNP is standing up for Scotland in Westminster. We are by far the most active major party in the UK Parliament.

"For the number of times the word Scotland has been mentioned to increase so significantly is remarkable. Of course the number of MPs representing Scottish constituencies in Westminster has not increased, but instead these figures speak volumes about our predecessors and Scottish Labour's downfall.

"We know that SNP MPs work harder and cost less than our Scottish Labour predecessors, and this is yet another indicator of how hard SNP MPs are working, providing a strong voice for Scotland."



Party Average number of debates taken part in per MP in 2016

SNP 64

Labour 43

Conservative 38

This information was provided by the House of Commons Library on 28 Nov 2016:

Session : Number of mentions of 'Scotland' in parliamentary debate in the UK Parliament

2015-16 3733

2014-15 1551

2013-14 1422

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