Stop the penalties for postal bills - Brock

Stop the penalties for postal bills - Brock

Deidre Brock MP has called for consumers to keep the right to choose between paper and digital data without extra charges being applied.

Deidre is hosting an event for the campaign 'Keep me Posted' at Westminster today (Wednesday), a coalition of charities, interest groups and businesses including support from Age Scotland, Dyslexia Scotland, Carers UK, Dementia UK, RNIB, Guide Dogs, the FSB, Money Saving Expert and the Post Office.

Deidre said:-

"We need to protect choice for those who don't use digital, can't use digital or just prefer paper copies.

"Getting important information through the post is the only option for many vulnerable people, particularly in the older generations. They should not be pressured to go electronic.

"Over five million households don't have internet access and 16 million consumers don't have basic online skills.

"Others just prefer paper. A visual reminder helps them better manage their finances, and prevents important information being lost in a sea of email junk. As with books and records, there is clearly still a demand for physical, tactile copies of things.

"Nobody should be penalised for getting bills whatever way suits them best.

"I'm sure banks, insurance and utility companies can cover the costs of paper bills where requested, instead of lumping more charges on vulnerable people.

"Let's sort out the rules now to make sure no citizen is left excluded in a digital-by-default world."

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Thursday, 18 July 2019


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