Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North & Leith

The Queen's speech: my response in full

​ This has been a very interesting debate. It has been quite lengthy, but some interesting points have been made. It has almost been cuddly at times and quite consensual, but I am afraid to say that I will not be so consensual in my speech. It is the duty of those of us on the SNP Benches to make points where we see them that need to be...
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Brock responds to Queen's Speech: time for Tories to change the record

Deidre Brock MP (Edinburgh North and Leith) has called on the Tories to stop their ideologically driven assaults on welfare and public services and start getting their own house in order – including more efforts to tackle tax avoidance.Speaking in response to the Queen's speech, Ms Brock, who sits on the Public Accounts Committee at Westminster, po...
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